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MUSCHIMUSCHI is a creative tattoo studio who wants to offer more than tattoos. We also believe in solidarity, this is why macha.machenka, with the help of mariana.caceres, have created their own queer feminist tarot. Based on the Tarot Of Marseille, our tarot gathers 43 tattooers from all over the world to give you a more colorful and less binary version of the classic tarot. 
The tattooers who participated are all cis, trans womxn, non binary people and trans men. 

The tarot is 33€ + shipping costs : 3,80€ for Germany, 10€ for Europe and 17€ for the rest of the world (some parts of the world like South America and USA are way more expensive than others)

Contact macha.machenka via email to get your tarot

Tattooers : 
Back of the cards : fksegismundo
I. The magician : ianhain
II. The Popess : magda_hanke
III. The Empress : teefergus
IIII. The Emperor :
V. The pope : katie_mcpaynetattoo
VI. The lovers : sonyasabotage
VII. The Chariot : lollipoptattoos
VIII. Justice : ferchapombo
VIIII. The Hermit : mattiussi.chiara
X. Strength : yung_mary
XII. The hanged :
XIII. The card without name : mariana.caceres
XIIII. Temperance : magdalena__sawicka
XV. The devil : _suzani
XVI. The house of god : pink.moon.jelly.boom
XVII. The star : olga_elepoke
XVIII. The moon : hedddddy
XVIIII. The sun : shyshy
XX. The judgement : ritasalt
XXI. The world : patriciashim
The fool : taylorcatclaw

Page of coins : giulialaggiu
Knight of coins : leeyeah_tattoo
Queen of coins : sun.doesnt.set
King of coins : kudutattoo
Coins I-X : adridtattoo

Page of wands : bona_tattoo
Knight of wands : lasciura
Queen of wands : heleenatattoos
King of wands : magicmiraclebaby
Wands I-X : dreimal_miao

Page of cups : bazgramsobie
Knight of cups : malditacalma
Queen of cups : iskra_zauvek_tattoo
King of cups : heygemmaflack
Cups I-X : macha.machenka

Page of swords : mil_li3_art
Knight of swords : ilaydatlas
Queen of swords : 54.43_20.30
King of swords : agataris
Swords I-X : pemynism


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