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Because MuschiMuschi believes that sharing the knowledge is part of the queer and feminist culture, we organise every week workshop for beginners who want to learn in a non judgemental environment the basics of handpoke and hygiene related to tattoo practice.

The session takes a whole afternoon at the private studio in Prenzlauer Berg. Macha.Machenka, the owner of MuschiMuschi is the one who will give you the tattoo workshop. In the first 2 hours we will teach you how to choose your tools and the fondamental of hygiene. Then time for practice and you will tattoo yourself. You don´t need any practice. The class is for people who want to know a bit more about handpoke either as a hobby or a future profession.

You can come alone or with a friend so you can tattoo each others. The workshop is for one person or 2 maximum (you and your friend) at a time. 

You don´t need to bring anything, except maybe an idea about what you want to tattoo on yourself/your friend. You can create the motive and come with it if you want. If not we´ll find something together.


At the end of the day, we´ll send you a pdf with all the info we talked about.

Write us to get more info about what you will learn :

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