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Take care of your tattoo all your life and don´t hesitate to contact your tattooer if you have questions about the aftercare or if you´re afraid it´s not healing correctly.

Retouch are for free ALWAYS. Tattooers who ask money for that are unethical. 

All tattooers appreciate to receive a picture of their healed tattoos. Here are a few tips to make the best pics :

- the focus should be on the tattoo, it´s important that we can see the details on the skin. So no picture taken from far. 

- it should be taken in day light with natural light (no flash)

- the picture should be sharp, not blurry

- if it´s difficult for you to get the right angle, ask one of your friend to help you out

- no filter as we want to see the result of our work on your skin, not an artistic interpretation

- remind your tattooer when you did the tattoo (3, 6, months, etc.)

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